2022-2023 Otto PTA Board


If you want more information on one of our open positions, please contact Melissa Brown at president@ottopta.org.  If you have an interest in making a positive impact in our school, we can find a PTA board or committee member position for you!


Executive Board

President Melissa Brown president@ottopta.org
1st VP Membership Hannah Rude membership@ottopta.org
2nd VP Programs Stefanie Marsden programs@otto.pta.org 
3rd VP Volunteers Elisa Ford volunteers@ottopta.org
4th VP Ways & Means Nicole Haun waysandmeans@ottopta.org
Secretary Monica Shortino secretary@ottopta.org
Treasurer Patrick Cullen treasurer@ottopta.org
Parliamentarian Jessica Barnes parliamentarian@ottopta.org  


Standing Committee Chairs

Communications Vinuta Nagaraddi communications@ottopta.org 
Hospitality Shanna Sims-Bradish hospitality@ottopta.org 


Committee Chairs

Reflections (PTA Art Program) Stefanie Marsden reflections@ottopta.org 
Bank Statement Reviewer Nikole Roberson N/A
Bobcat Bolt 5k Aida Somun bobcatbolt@ottopta.org
Book Fair OPEN bookfair@ottopta.org
Copy Room OPEN  
Community Outreach Jane Whitson outreach@ottopta.org 
Community Partners Elaine Lackland communitypartners@ottopta.org  
Council Delegate Veena Puppala delegate@ottopta.org 
Multicultural Wudie Aseffa multicultural@ottopta.org 
Newsletter Jill Horton newsletter@ottopta.org 
SAGE Stacey Hoppenstein sage@ottopta.org 
School Supplies OPEN  
Spirit Nights Elaine Lackland spiritnights@ottopta.org 
Spirit Wear Wudie Aseffa spiritwear@ottopta.org 
Socials OPEN  
Social Media Vinuta Nagaraddi communications@ottopta.org 
Website Shanna Sims-Bradish website@ottopta.org 


Otto Middle School Administration

Principal  Amy Robison amy.robison@pisd.edu
Assistant Principal  Kelly Foster kelly.foster@pisd.edu 
Assistant Principal  Mark Kelly mark.kelly@pisd.edu


Upcoming Events



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